Meet Your Nutritionist, Isaac Rejino

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Isaac grew up in Natalia, Texas and was active in many different sports throughout his childhood. In high school, he suffered several knee injuries from football. Struggling to find meaning during his recovery, he often asked himself, “Why is this happening to msassy_chef_heather_isaac_rejino_croppede and not someone else?” During his recovery from his second injury, he became engaged in his own healing process and began to learn about muscle recovery. His fascination with injury recovery grew and he began to volunteer at the clinic to learn how to help others. This experience inspired him to become a physical therapist so that he could empower others who were also recovering from injuries. During his last year of high school, Isaac’s father lost his job and he made the difficult decision to delay college and work to help support the family. Isaac decided to become a personal trainer to learn more about human body mechanics and as a way to bring in income to help his family. In the fall of 2011, he became certified through the National Academy for Sports Medicine (NASM). He began his personal training career at Bally’s Fitness and worked at Lifetime Fitness for two and a half years. During this time, Isaac pursued a specialization in Corrective Exercise, a training that focuses on training muscles to become more stable and prevent muscle imbalances and future injuries. He also obtained a certification in nutrition from Precision Nutrition. He considers his nutrition coaching one of the most important aspects of his training and essential for client success.

The corporate nature of the health club industry today, provided the foundation of learning best practices and an opportunity for Isaac to grow in a direction that would best serve his clients and personal goals.

Today, Isaac continues to trains clients. His day begins at 7:00am and he typically sees five to seven clients in a day. He describes his clientele as “everyday people who deal with wear and tear from working 9-5 days.” He states that he is motivated by the challenge to help clients who have not been able to find results anywhere else. He describes the feeling of seeing a client run for the first time in two years who was told she would never be able to run again as “…just a really good feeling!” He also teaches nutrition classes and holds nutrition body transformations challenges. He states that he likes the group format because “clients are more engaged when they work together on their goals and hold each other accountable.” He formed a partnership with SassyChef Heather, a mobile food delivery service, after realizing that their mutual clients often received the best results. He currently serves as the nutritionist for SassyChefHeather, where his role is to help Heather modify recipes for special diet needs and determine macronutrient levels for recipes. He describes their partnership as Heather being the “creative” side and his side being the “logical.”

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