A Hole In One for Fair Oaks Ranch

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Welcome to Sassy Chef Heather Fair Oaks Ranch meal delivery service!  We’re thrilled that you have chosen us to be your Healthy, Fresh and Sassy meal provider.


Maintaining a nutrient-dense diet is critically important for older adults. Years of research has demonstrated that diet quality can significantly affect physical condition, cognitive function, immune function, vascular function, bone health, and eye health. Yet, older adults often fail to maintain nutrient dense diets for several reasons:

  • Aging is often accompanied by hormone changes that result in loss of appetite.
  • Changes in taste and smell can lead to limited food choices and lower intake of healthful foods.
  • Aging is often accompanied by general oral health decline and a reduced ability to swallow, which can affect food choice and intake.
  • Older adults frequently experience mobility constraints, which interfere with food preparation.  (Difficulty shopping for food, lifting heavy jars, opening containers, etc.)

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