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Maintaining a nutrient-dense diet is critically important for older adults because of the impact of food intake on health. Years of research have demonstrated that diet quality has a huge effect on physical condition, cognitive condition, bone health, eye health, vascular function, and the immune system. Yet, this can be challenging to achieve for several reasons:

  • Aging is often accompanied by a loss of appetite and changes in taste and smell, all of which can lead to more limited food choices and lower intake of healthful foods.

  • Aging is also often accompanied by general oral health decline and a reduced ability to swallow, which can affect food choice and intake.
  • Many older adults experience mobility constraints, which make it difficult to shop for food, lift heavy jars, open containers, etc.

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SA Monthly Magazine’s Chef of the Month for May 2015

Filipinos celebrate life and family through eating. Most of my childhood memories consist of extended family conversing in Tagalog and exotic, aromatic dishes scattered throughout the kitchen. My parents cooked daily in our Chicago home: I remember hearing the sounds of knives hitting the cutting board, oil sizzling as it hit a hot pan, and garlic, onion, and ginger sautéing to sweat out their deliciousness. Since my parents were in the kitchen, I was there, too. I felt as comfortable and safe in it as I did in my bedroom. It was definitely my happy place.

I didn’t discover my passion for cooking (as opposed to eating) until my late teens. I made a mayonnaise sauce that my parents absolutely loved. (Click the SA Monthly Mag link to the left and read more).

Sometimes you don’t feel like cooking for 1 person.

When we learned Sassy Chef Heather’s meals are Freshealthy©, Nutrient Dense, Gourmet, and delivered to our door… it was a no-brainer.

Now, we eat together, with our favorite Sassy Chef Heather meals, and still have time for another round of golf.

Thanks you, Sassy Chef Heather,
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